Nekto: Specific expertise and short delivery times for your pallets and crates



Do you need custom-made pallets and/or crates? At short notice?

Occasionally or year-round?
Are you looking for a storage solution for these pallets?
Do they need phytosanitary heat treatment (HT / ISPM standard)?

Choose Nekto for our expertise in this field!

Nekto offers you the following services:

  • A responsive team, at your service
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automated production
  • Ordering exactly the quantities required, without any minimum quantity
  • Drying chamber which complies with ISPM15 standard (heat treatment is often required for exports)
  • Under cover storage
  • The potential to have a permanent stock
  • Simple and efficient administrative procedures
  • Delivery service

Who are we?

Nekto: 280 people and 50 years’ experience at your service.

Nekto is located near to the E429 Brussels-Tournai-Lille, E19 Brussels-Mons-Paris and E42 Mons-Liège motorways towards the Netherlands and Germany.

Nekto offers subcontracting services in various fields: packing, contract packing, packaging, sorting, handling and others. These labour-intensive services can be performed efficiently and with the most flexibility at the client’s site or at our Nekto workshops near to Mons (Belgium).

Other than pallets, Nekto also produces custom-made, high-quality wooden products, which can be painted and varnished (displays, display cases, creations in wood for industry, etc.).